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Life of Mine Engineering is a specialist civil/geotechnical engineering consultancy focused exclusively on the delivery of sustainable Tailings & Mine Waste management solutions.

Our appreciation of the mining project lifecycle was shaped by first working with regulatory clients in the cleanup and remediation of legacy mine waste sites where the outcomes of practices implemented by one generation become the responsibility of the next.  As such, we see sustainable Tailings & Mine Waste management solutions as those which meet both our clients’ immediate requirements and future obligations.

The mission of Life of Mine Engineering is to develop partnerships with select clients and complementary service providers to deliver superior client service and high quality solutions in compliance with relevant state guidelines and industry best practice, from concept to closure.


Complete range of integrated tailings management services with extensive experience at all stages of the project lifecycle, including;

  • Conceptual level / Planning

  • Pre-feasibility Studies (PFS)

  • Feasibility Studies (FS)

  • Definitive Feasibility Studies (DFS)

  • Detailed Design

  • Engineering support during construction

  • Construction Quality Assurance (CQA)

  • Life of asset planning

  • Annual Auditing

  • Closure


Comprehensive experience in the management and technical direction of multi-disciplinary teams over a range of sectors and commodities including;

  • gold

  • silver

  • copper

  • alumina

  • lead

  • zinc

  • uranium

  • iron

  • coal combustion products (CCP)


Project experience across Australia (WA, NSW, QLD, NT), North America, Europe, and SE Asia



Justin Woolston

North Beach, WA 6020

Tel: (61) 451 979 023

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